The Ultimate Chex Quest!
A Project For DooM Legacy.


Oh dear! This F.A.Q. page is unbelievably out of date!

I deeply regret this, and will try to get it fixed up soon.

Will T.U.C.Q. work with the original chex.exe, or with ZDooM, JDooM, Eternity, BOOM, ZDaemon, etc., ... ?
A. No.  T.U.C.Q. makes use of various features that are specific to the DooM Legacy source port, and requires DooM Legacy in order to run.  DooM Legacy is freeware, and can be downloaded free of charge.  You can obtain a copy of the latest version of Legacy at

NOTE:  T.U.C.Q. Phase I is capable of working with different source ports, because it does not contain anything specific to Legacy.  T.U.C.Q Phase II and later are specific to Legacy.

Is there anything else I need to run T.U.C.Q.?
A. Yes.  At the present time, T.U.C.Q. only runs as a patch wad.  In order for DooM Legacy to run T.U.C.Q., it requires that you have The Ultimate DooM IWAD (doom.wad) installed on your machine.  You can obtain a copy of The Ultimate DooM from id Software here.

It is also possible to run T.U.C.Q. using the original chex.wad as the IWAD.  Details are in the following answer.

Can you send me a copy of doom.wad?
A. Absolutely not!  DooM is licensed and owned by id Software.  It is neither public domain, nor abandonware, as some have claimed, and id Software still enforces the copyright on DooM.  No self respecting member of the DooM playing community will distribute illegal copies of DooM either, so don’t ask.  You can get The Ultimate DooM from id for only $20.00 US, and you might be able to find it in bargain bins for even less.  Don’t be afraid to shell out a few bucks for a really great game!

It is also possible to use the original Chex® Quest IWAD (chex.wad) with Legacy, without having to resort to piracy.  The original Chex® Quest is freeware, and is available in the download section of this site, as well as many others sites around the net.  Renaming chex.wad to “doomu.wad” and using it as the IWAD for Legacy will allow Legacy to run in Ultimate DooM mode, which will in turn allow T.U.C.Q. to run.

When I try to run the Legacy launcher, I get the error “Can not find doomargs.tmp”.  What is wrong?
A. It is a minor error with the launcher.  Simply open your favourite text editor (i.e. textpad), then save a blank file with the name "doomargs.tmp" to your Legacy directory.  The launcher should run right after that.
Please refer to the documentation that comes with DooM Legacy for answers to any other question regarding how to use Legacy, or ask on the DooM Legacy forum at, or the DooM Legacy Underground.
Q. Why do the flemoids drop zorch recharges and zorchers in T.U.C.Q.?  They don’t do that in the original game.
A. In DooM, the trooper drops a clip when he dies, and the sergeant drops a shotgun when he dies.  These two characters are replaced by the Flemoidus Commonus and Flemoidus Bipedicus, respectively, in Chex® Quest, and therefore in T.U.C.Q. as well.  The folks at Digital Café removed the ammo dropping code when they rewrote the DooM executable for Chex® Quest, but Legacy still uses it.

As of Phase II beta 3 of T.U.C.Q., new tougher versions of the Flemoidus Commonus and Flemoidus Bipedicus appear on the higher skill levels.  These new versions do not drop ammunition when they are zorched.  The ammo dropping flemoids continue appear on the lowest two skill levels.

Q. Levels E1M1—E1M5 and levels E2M1—E2M5 look great, but all the other levels look strange.  Why is that?
A. T.U.C.Q. currently only replaces E1M1—E1M5 and E2M1—E2M5.  Since there are no replacements for the other levels (yet), DooM Legacy automatically defaults to using levels from the DooM IWAD.  The levels look strange, because they were designed for use with the textures from DooM, not the textures from Chex® Quest.

Beginning with phase II beta 2, I have added temporary “blank” levels in place of all levels that do not have proper Chex® Quest replacements yet.  Scripts have been added to these temporary levels in order to force the game either to the end of the current episode, in the case of episodes I and II, or back to the beginning of the game, in the cases of episodes III and IV.  This is meant to eliminate all DooM levels and graphics from T.U.C.Q..

Q. Are you going to add the levels from Chex® Quest 3* to T.U.C.Q.?
A. No.

I did begin adding the CQ3 levels to T.U.C.Q. back in September 2004, but then discovered that all five of these levels had in fact been stolen from the Serenity series of megawads (Serenity, Eternity, Infinity).  Many of the graphics and sounds in CQ3 were also taken from Hacx, and the sprites for the Flemoidus Ultimus were stolen from Ghostbusters TC.  For these reasons, CQ3 will definitely not be part of T.U.C.Q..
*Update:  The above question refers to the fan made Chex Quest 3

Please do not confuse it with Charles Jacobi’s excellent and award winning Chex® Quest 3, which was released after this F.A.Q. was originally produced.

By the way, you can tell Charles Jacobi's Chex® Quest 3 is great because it includes some content from T.U.C.Q.. You can download it from Chuck’s web site

Q. What the heck is that big thing on E2M8, and that giant one eyed flying tomato?!?
A. Those are monsters from DooM.  They are not part of T.U.C.Q..

Changes were made to T.U.C.Q. as of phase II beta 2 to prevent the player from encountering DooM monsters.

Q. The flemoids don’t respawn in Super Sticky mode.  What’s the problem?
A. It was a problem I accidentally introduced in phase I, while trying to eliminate a different problem. This problem has been fixed as of Phase II beta 2. 
When are you going to make a version of T.U.C.Q. for ZDooM, JDooM, Eternity, BOOM, ZDaemon, etc., ... ?
A. There are no plans to make versions of T.U.C.Q. for source ports other than DooM Legacy at this time.

As an experienced Legacy modder, it is in the best interest of the project that I continue working on it in Legacy.  I can do a better job on it working with Legacy than with any other source port.  Doing versions of T.U.C.Q. for more than one source port at the same time will also slow the project down considerably, and will likely decrease the quality of the finished product.

Are you going to use dynamic lighting in T.U.C.Q.?
A. Yes, but only to a very limited extent.  The problem with dynamic lighting is that it only works in openGL mode.  Sectors that are lit only with dynamic lighting will be too dark to play in software mode.  This means that dynamic lighting must remain limited in order to keep the game playable in software mode.
Q. Are you going to add new flemoids to T.U.C.Q.?
A. Definitely!
Are you going to use MD2 or MD3 models in T.U.C.Q.?
A. Yes, and no.  At present, Legacy’s model support is not working fully, so models can not be implemented right now.

I do plan on using models for scenery objects once model support is completed, but I do not plan to use models for the game characters.  The reason for this is that models will alter the look of the characters, causing them them to lose their cartoonish style, which is very important to the look of the game.  This does not mean that users will be stuck with the blocky DooM resolution sprites.  The Legacy team is also working on a higher resolution mode for sprites and textures, and I plan to use this, when it becomes available, to create improved versions of the sprites.

Q. I see billboards for “Brand X” cereal on some levels.  There are doors with “Brand X” written on them too.  What is “Brand X”?
A. Brand X is a fictional competitor to Chex® cereal, and can be found in less reputable areas, like “the wrong side of town”, and other hostile areas where the low life scum of the Chex® Quest universe hang out.

Brand X cereal is so inferior, that the best slogan they can come up with is “We are almost as good as Chex®”.  Doors and and other machinery made by Brand X are similarly inferior, and frequently tend to jam or malfunction.

The name “Brand X” is based on a convention used in television commercials during the 1950s, '60s, and '70s.  To avoid legal problems, advertisers would not directly name their competitors.  In demonstrations comparing their products with competitors’ products, the competitor’s product would frequently be referred to as either “The other leading brand” or “Brand X”.

Q. I keep seeing walls with "CHANGE ME!" written all over them in big red letters.  Why?
A. For the original version of Chex® Quest, Digital Café did not use a cohearant naming system for wall textures.  Instead, they merely reused random texture names from DooM.  As a result, it is very difficult for users making new levels to figure out which texture is which in their level editors. 

To make the task of making new levels easier, I recreated several of the original Chex® Quest wall textures with new names, and began substituting them for the original textures in the levels.  Since both the old and new textures looked the same, I changed the original textures to make them easier to spot by writing "CHANGE ME!" in red letters all over them.  It is the textures that have not been replaced yet that you are seeing.

All the old textures with red letters on them will be replace before the end of phase II.

Last updated: February 11, 2011