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A New Project For DooM Legacy.

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Okay people!  After a ridiculously long wait (Sorry about that), The Ultimate Chex Quest Phase II beta 3 is finally available!

It is in the Downloads section.

Go and get it boys! (4.76Mb)

This latest version of T.U.C.Q. has new difficulty levels added, so watch out!  The same flemoids appear in the same places on every skill level, but they actually get tougher as the skill level increases.  Health and ammunition also becomes harder to find as the skill level increases, so be careful not to waste a single zorch!

(The original Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2 did not have difficulty levels implemented.  Skills 2 3 and 4 are identical.  Skills 1 and 5 were only different because of elements hard coded in to the game engine.)

What is Chex Quest?

Chex Quest was a DooM total conversion (TC) developed by Digital Café, and released as freeware by Ralston Purina on boxes of Chex Cereal as a promotion back in 1996.  Chex Quest consisted of a five level episode in which the player got to take on the role of the Chex Warrior and rid the peaceful planet of Bazoik (Yes.  Bazoik.) of the evil mucus based life forms, the flemoids, which have invaded from another dimension.  Upon completion of the game, users were told to go to, where they were able to download a second episode, Chex Quest 2, in the form of a patch wad. (Note: still exists, but no longer has anything to do with Chex Quest.)

A third five level episode, Chex Quest 3, was created by fans of the game, and can still be found on various web sites around the net.

Chex Quest was touted as a "non-violent" game, despite the fact it was a (very slightly) modified version of DooM.  Supposedly, none of the flemoids were ever actually killed, but were simply teleported back to their home dimension via the "zorch" energy fired from the player's weapons.

What is The Ultimate Chex Quest?

The Ultimate Chex Quest is a DooM total conversion, specifically for the DooM Legacy DooM source port, which combines Chex Quest 1 and 2, and updates the game to take advantage of the capabilities of DooM Legacy, and today's faster computers.

The Ultimate Chex Quest is being created in a number of distinct phases:

Phase I :  The Conversion Phase
(Completed Thursday July 10, 2003)

This phase combined Chex Quest 1 and Chex Quest 2 into a single wad, with Chex Quest 1 becoming DooM's episode I, and Chex Quest 2 becoming episode II.  This was much more difficult than it sounds, largely because of the fact that Chex Quest 2 redefines many of the textures, flats, and sprites from Chex Quest 1.  More than a week of intensive work was required to get both Chex quests to work together within the same wad.  This included creating duplicates of the Chex Quest 1 flemoids so that they could be converted into the Chex Quest 2 flemoids.

Phase I also saw some changes to the "death" sequences of some of the flemoids, the addition of menu graphics to include the menu graphics used by DooM Legacy, the repair of level editing errors in the original Chex Quest levels, and the rebuilding of the levels' bsp nodes to make them run properly in Legacy's openGL mode.

I will be creating a little page, with a full rant about everything I did in phase I soon.

Phase II: The Beautification Phase
(Currently in Progress)

As the title suggests, this phase involves beautification of the game.  This means that I will be adding extra detailing to all of the original levels, where applicable, and making changes to various graphics used in the game.  The overall layout of the levels will not be changed, although new difficulty levels may be added.  New types of flemoid to harass the player may also be created during this phase.

For a full report on the current statis of Phase II, click here.

Phase III:  Filling the Episodes

Each of the Chex Quest episodes consists of five levels.  Unfortunately, this is not enough to create full episodes for Ultimate DooM, which has eight levels per episode, plus a secret level in each of the episodes.  New levels will have to be designed to complete episodes I and II, and a full set of levels will have to be created for episodes III and IV.

DooM modders, other than myself, are welcome to join in and contribute to this phase.  Just keep in mind that Chex Quest was originally designed for young children, and design your difficulty levels accordingly.

It is entirely possible, but not guaranteed, that the levels from Chex Quest 3 will be added to The Ultimate Chex Quest at this time.

Phase IV:  Completing the IWAD
(Planned, but not promised)

Should I decide to see this project through to its logical end, I will be adding the remainder of the resources required to make The Ultimate Chex Quest into a DooM IWAD (At present, it runs as a PWAD).  This means that Legacy will be able to run Chex Quest without the need for the original IWAD (doom.wad) to be present.

Why Bother?

So you may be wondering why I would be so interested in fixing up an old DooM TC made as a promotional gimmick to sell cereal back in 1996.

To be completely honest, I really had no interest in Chex Quest at all until June 28, 2003.  That's when I came across a new entry in the FPS games section of Tucows.  A company, called Scifience Studios was claiming to have a new version of Chex Quest with 32 bit Windows support.  I downloaded it, and discovered that it was the same old Chex Quest with a fancy installer and a copy of DooM Legacy included.

This amused me at first, since it was obvious Scifience Studios hadn't done a blasted thing, except merge Chex Quest 1 into the Ultimate DooM IWAD, which made their version WAREZ (pirate software).  They hadn't even rebuilt the nodes for openGL mode.  There were missing walls and HOM in each and every level.

Then I got to thinking.  I was not too pleased with the fact that Scifience was using DooM Legacy without giving credit to the Legacy team (They even stripped the documents which are supposed to come with Legacy), and they were basically claiming credit for doing absolutely nothing.  As a veteran DooM modder, Chex quest just cried out to me to be fixed and updated.  If there was going to be a new version of Chex Quest, then by golly it was going to have to be done right!  There was only one person for the job, and that was me.

Screen Shots

There is really no reason to provide screen shots of the Phase I version of The Ultimate Chex Quest, because there is really no  visual difference between it and the original Chex Quest.  Since I am making changes to the levels for Phase II of the project,  I will be putting up comparison shots from time to time.  You can see a couple of these shots here.

Where Do I Download The Ultimate Chex Quest?

The secondbeta release of The Ultimate Chex Quest Phase II is now available.
I had intended to have phase II done by now, but life just got in the way, so I am releasing what I have done as a beta, while I continue working on it.
Please keep in mind that this is not the finished version of Phase II, although some parts of it are fairly close to done in many respects.
Click the link below to download. (4.76Mb)

The Phase I version of The Ultimate Chex Quest is still available.
This version is merely a conversion of Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2 into a single wad.
Click on the link below to download. Mb)

What Do I Require to Run It?

The Ultimate Chex Quest requires DooM Legacy in order to run.
A copy of the registered DooM IWAD is also required. (v1.9 or Ultimate DooM)
(Eventually, The Ultimate Chex quest will only require Legacy.)

Is There Any Way I can Contact you About The Ultimate Chex Quest?


You may contact me via the new Ultimate Chex Quest forum, which is part of the doomlegends fora.