Why Bother?

Curious BipedicusSo you may be wondering why I would be so interested in fixing up an old DooM TC made as a promotional gimmick to sell cereal back in 1996.

To be completely honest, I really had no interest in Chex Quest at all until June 28, 2003. That is when I came across a new entry in the FPS games section of Tucows. A company, called Scifience Studios was claiming to have a new version of Chex Quest with 32 bit Windows support. I downloaded it, and discovered that it was the same old Chex Quest with a fancy installer and a copy of DooM Legacy included.

This amused me at first, since it was obvious Scifience Studios hadnít done a blasted thing, except merge Chex Quest into the Ultimate DooM IWAD, which made their version WAREZ (pirate software). They hadnít even rebuilt the nodes for openGL mode. There were missing walls and HOM in each and every level.

Then I got to thinking. I was not very pleased with the fact that Scifience was using DooM Legacy without giving credit to the Legacy team (They even stripped away the documents which are supposed to come with Legacy), and they were basically claiming credit for doing absolutely nothing. As a veteran DooM modder, Chex Quest just cried out to me to be fixed and updated. If there was going to be a new version of Chex Quest, then by golly it was going to have to be done right! There was only one person for the job, and that person was me.