The Ultimate Chex Quest is a DooM total conversion, which combines Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2, and updates the game to take advantage of modern DooM source ports, and todayís faster computers.

Initially, The Ultimate Chex Quest was to be created in a number of distinct phases.

The first phase simply involved combining Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2 into a single patch wad. This operation was complicated by the fact that many of the Chex Quest 2 textures, flats, and sprites overwrite the ones in Chex Quest and needed to be duplicated with new names. All of the levels using the redefined textures had to be retextures, and three of the flemoids needed to be duplicated in order to keep them in the game.

Phase I was completed on July 10, 2003.

The second phase, referred to as "the beautification phase" was mainly to involve adding detail to the levels without altering their game play.

A third phase involving the addition of new levels, increasing the existing two episodes to eight levels each and adding two new episodes, was planned. A fourth phase converting T.U.C.Q. into a fully fledged IWAD was also planned.

Work proceeded well until after Phase II beta 3. At this point lifeís obligations and an ebb in interest caused work on the project to slow to a crawl in 2005. After an initial attempt to convert the project over to GZDooM failed, work pretty much ceased.

In 2011 my interst in the project returned, inspired by Charles Jacobiís Chex Quest 3 and Chuckís gracious crediting of T.U.C.Q. as inspiration for that work. In November of 2012, after a month of intensive work, I finally succeeded in converting The Ultimate Chex Quest over to GZDooM. GZDooM has all of the features of the popular source port ZDOOM but is also capable of supporting mods made for DooM Legacy, thereby making the transition from DooM Legacy much easier.

Due to the long period of inactivity, the project will no longer be adhering to the original "phases" concept. All new releases will simply have release numbers, and new releases will be made periodically whenever sufficient changes have been made to justify them.