A New Freeware IWAD Project for DooM


The People’s DooM version 0.01

This version of T.P.D. is very primative, and contains only place keepers.  It sure doesn’t look pretty, but it is the necessary first step in this project.

Current test results:

Port: Test Results:

DooM Legacy version 1.40 T.P.D. appears to run in Legacy 1.40.  Legacy fails to recognize T.P.D. as having four episodes however.  Only the first three episodes can be played.

A member of the Legacy team suggests that the file size may be too small for Legacy to recognize the current version of T.P.D. as a version of Ultimate DooM, so this problem may just resolve itself as progress continues.

ZDooM version 1.22 ZDooM version 1.22 appears to run T.P.D. fully in so far as game play is concerned.  It will not play the demos however.  Presumably, this is because the demos were recorded using DooM Legacy.
ZDooM version 2.x T.P.D. works, but this version of ZDooM thinks it is the shareware version of DooM.  As a result, only the first episode of T.P.D. is available.
JDooM Untested.
CSDooM Untested.
ZDaemon Untested.
Skulltag Untested.
DooM 95 DooM 95 currently will not run T.P.D., giving a message saying that it is not a registered version.

All tests so far have required Tpd.wad to be renamed to doom.wad.

Download The People’s DooM version 0.01