A Total Conversion for DooM Legacy

This is the home page for DeiM, a total conversion for the DooM Legacy DooM source port.

At present, DeiM is in an indefinite state of developmental stasis, while I wait for Legacy version 2.0 to be released, and for certain features, particularly a high resolution mode for sprites, to be implemented.

There are no screen shots currently available, due to the fact that most of what has come before will probably be scrapped once DeiM resumes development.

The Story:

DeiM takes place between DooM and DooM II.  It is a flip side adventure that reverses the role of the player in the game.  Instead of being the last space marine fighting the vast hordes of Hell, the player is the last surviving demon fighting against the space marines.

The player takes on the role of DeiM, an imp who happens to be the only demon to survive the decimation of Hell by the player in DooM.  Stricken with grief and rage, the player travels via an interdimentional portal to Earth.  There he must do battle with the space marines, and the forces of the Union Aerospace Corporation.  If successful, he may be able to resurrect the demons of Hell, and conquer the world, thereby setting the stage for DooM II.

Developmental History:

Sadly, DeiM has become rather infamous amongst the DooM community for its outrageously long development time.  It began way back in December of 1997 as a simple graphics replacement, with the possessed humans being repainted to become normal humans, and some new graphics being created in order to change the demons into either human soldiers or war machines.

This was when the great ice storm of 1998 struck our area, knocking out power.  This was the first in a long series of problems that forced DeiM to be set aside.  For the next five years, DeiM would suffer from a severe case of backburneritis.

During the course of 1998 and 1999, DeiM was switched from being a simple graphics replacement to a graphics replacement plus levels and finally to a total conversion project.  A simple, but solid story line was created, solidifying the concept of DeiM as a total conversion.

Unfortunately, this was also a period when I was extremely busy with more important things, so the project suffered from a lot of neglect and was only worked on occasionally.

January of 2000 was when I first became connected to the internet, and marked my entry into the online DooMing community.  DooM Legacy was the most advanced DooM port at the time (Sadly, this is no longer true), and so DeiM became a TC for Legacy, rather than ordinary DooM.  Interest in the TC was rather high at the time, and by 2001 there was a group of modders interested in joining me in the project.  This group became known as Team DeiM.

The bad news is that now, instead of there being just one person with no time to work on the project, there were now five people with no time to work on the project.  DeiM languished, with my own occasional additions being the only real advancements in the project.  Eventually, Team DeiM dissolved in a sea of apathy.

It is not all bad news in the developmental history of DeiM however.  My work with DeiM led to a steady increase in my skills, and led to the development of DeiM metrics.  DeiM metrics is a simple trick that involves raising the player's viewing height in order to simulate a 30% increase in resolution over the default resolution for sprites and graphics used by DooM.  A set of levels based on the shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D, originally meant to be hidden inside DeiM as an Easter egg, has turned into its own project.  This project has been dubbed “DeiMWolf”, because of its origins.  The home page for DeiMWolf can be found here.

As already stated, DeiM has been placed in an indefinite state of limbo, since late summer of 2003,  pending the release of Legacy version 2.0, and the addition of high resolution sprites and textures.  When the project resumes, it will be likely that everything that was developed up until this point will be discarded, and the project will be started fresh.

DeiM is not a dead project.  It is only sleeping.  Please check back from time to time in order to check on this project’s progress.

Feel free to visit DeiM’s forum and give comments and suggestions regarding this project.