A Recreation of Wolfenstein 3D in GZDooM

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B.J. says,

“Let a smile be your umbrella!”


Current release: Version 0.9.3

Download Version 0.9.3 (beta) Now!

To keep abreast of changes since the last release, please consult this thread on the Chex Quest Fan Forums.

This version of DeiMWolf requires GZDOOM. This version can be run as a regular PWAD under The Ultimate DooM, but will also function as its own IWAD if specified as one via the command line (-iwad) or defined as an IWAD in a launcher, such as ZDL

September 1942.

The Germans still control the continent.

You are William John “B. J.” Blazkowicz, an American intelligence operative sent to investigate reports of horrific human experiments being conducted at a site deep inside German territory.

Captured before reaching your destination, you have been interned in the dungeon of an ancient castle known as Wolfenstein (Wolf's Stone) for interrogation and eventual execution.

Moments ago you seized your chance.  Taking advantage of your guard’s momentary clumsiness, you struggle with him and send him to his final reward.  Hoping the other guards did not hear his muffled scream, you take the weapons from his body.  A bayonet and a P38 aren’t much when freedom is nine dungeon levels away, but you have to try.  If you escape, you will have one heck of a story to tell your grand kids about!  If not, at least you will go out in a blaze of glory!

Good luck!

This is DeiMWolf, a mod for GZDooM (formerlyDooM Legacy), based on the shareware version of the classic First Person Shooter Wolfenstein 3D.

There have been dozens of DooM mods based on Wolfenstein 3D, so what makes DeiMWolf different than the others?

Pretty much every mod that has been made based on W3D uses versions of the original W3D graphics and sounds.  The goal of DeiMWolf, albeit not fully realized as of this current version, is to use completely new graphics and sounds, either modified from free net sources, or made entirely from scratch.  Although the layouts of the levels are 100% faithful to those of the original game, and the background musics are from the original W3D, everything else is intended to be different!

Please be sure to visit DeiMWolf’s forum to give comments and suggestions regarding this project.