So you say youíre looking for the finest skins to wear during your next Legacy deathmatch, but you just canít find what you are looking for?

Well, youíre in luck, my friend.  The Epidermis Emporium is the largest collection of Legacy skins available on the net, with new skins constantly being added.

If you canít find the skin you want here, you canít find it anywhere.

The current number of skins in the emporium is 302.

Saturday October 23, 2004:

As of today, the Epidermis Emporium is officially at  All the files have actually been here since April, but I didn't get around to making it available until today.  Oops. is my own domain.  I am the one paying for it, which means no more ads, like at Fortune City, Geocities, or New DooM.

Of course, if you want to send me money, that would okay with me.

The Epidermis Emporium has suffered badly from neglect.  There has not been an update of its content in over two years.  This has largely been due to other projects I have been working on, the most noteable of which being The Ultimate Chex Quest.  I hope to make up for this some time before Christmas of this year.

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