Skin Building Tools

Wintex version 3.4

This older version of Wintex is a shell, rather than a complete program.  The additional programs required for it to work are included with it.
Wintex 3.4 stores all of its information in text files and all of the wad graphics in subdirectories.  Though this seems inefficiant at first, I have found that being able to work directly on the text files is a very easy and versatile way of altering wads.


A dynamic linked library required to run Wintex 3.4.  If you do not have it, you should download it now.  It should be unzipped into your \windows or \windows\system directory.

Wintex version 4.2

Unlike version 3.4, this version of Wintex is a complete program unto itself.  It also works on the wads directly, without the need for subdirectories to hold its graphical information.

Paint Shop Pro version 3.12 (shareware)

Once upon a time there was a wonderful shareware graphics program called Paint Shop Pro.  Sadly, PSP has since ceased being distributed in a shareware version.

This older shareware version of PSP may not have all of the features of the newers versions, but is an excellent program for editing sprites for DooM.

It will quickly become a valued asset in your skin making arsenal.