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Skin Packs:

Each of the files on this page contains multiple skins.

Many have been edited to include the player colour.

To preview a skin, move the cursor over the skinís preview button   until it glows , then click on it to open the preview window. 


The skin includes a new statis bar face.
The skin includes new player sounds.
Includes graphics for an exploding death (Not just a repeat of the regular death).

To download a skin, click on the file name to the left of its preview button, or click on the animated graphic in the preview window.

NOTE: Due to a bug that was introduced in version 1.40, DooM Legacy is unable to load skin packs properly. The DooM Legacy team is currently working to fix the problem.

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File: Preview: Original Author:
Pack Compiled by:
BJís Pack
Raven Software
BJ Marriott
Heroes and villains from Heretic and Hexen.
Blake Stone Skin Pack
Apogee Games
Nigel Rowand (Enjay)
Five deadly enemies from Blake Stone.
Diskmaster's DooM II Pack
Benjamin Lierman
Contains the coated NAZI, B.J. Blackowitz, and Spock.
Doctor Who Skins
Andrew Brockhouse
Aukon of the Hydrax Corp.
The Doctor and his enemies.
DooM Connector Skins
Joseph Dugas
A collection of skins for use with DooM Connector.
Duke Nukem Pack
3D Realms
Martin Smith
Duke Nukem, alien creature, lame Duke.
Ghost Busters Skins
Stephen Brownin
Stephen Brownin
Who ya gonna call?
Golden Eye Skins
Derek Souers
Derek Souers
James Bond, and agent 006.
Heretic Skins Pack
Raven Soft
Stephen Rhodes
These skins already appear individually in Conversions I. They have been merged into a single file by Boingo for easier use.
Hexen Skins Pack
Raven Software
Mark Quinn
Most of these skins appear individually in Conversions I. Some do not. They have been merged into a single file by Boingo for easier use.
Immoral Skins Pack
Cory Whittle
A variety of interesting skins.
Looney Tunes DooM Pack
Joseph Dugas
Some skins from Looney Tunes DooM.
Marine Skins Pack
Mark Quinn & Anthony Cole
Mark Quinn
Five skins currently included (Others to be added in the future).
Contains: Fists, pistol, shotgun, and chainsaw marines.
Now contains Chaingun marine skin by Anthony Cole.
Monster Skins Pack
id Software & Mark Quinn
Mark Quinn
Eleven monsters from DooM and DooM II converted to skins. Also includes an undead version of the DooM marine.
PokéMon Stadium
Ed Cripps & Martin Smith
John D. Corrado
Pikachu, and Mario.
Quake Skins Pack
Blue Max
The Quake II marine, the Quake II female marine, quake II cyborg, and Quake trooper.
The Sneaky Pack
id Software
Mark Quinn
The ultimate stealth pack. Disguise yourself as a variety of objects from DooM.
South Park Skins
Now you can kill Kenny any time you want.
Teachers Pack
David Quigley & James Waldmeyer
Dark Wolf
The teachers take revenge!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Martin Smith
Heroes in a half shell.
Theme Patch Skin Pack
Werner Spahl
Aliens and Terminators.
Wolfenstein Skins
id Software
Martin Smith
A nice collection of enemies from Wolfenstein 3D.
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