A Recreation of Wolfenstein 3D in GZDooM

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Here are the goals for this project:

1.)  To create a Wolfenstein 3D mod that faithfully reproduces the layouts of the original Wolfenstein 3D levels.

2.)  Game play of this mod is intended to be kept as close as possible to that of the original Wolfenstein 3D.

3.)  In contrast to the above, all of the graphics (textures, sprites, and others) for this mod will be new, once the project is finished.  (At present, enlarged versions of Wolfenstein graphics are being used as place keepers for some objects, but these will be replaced as time goes on.)

4.)  Most, if not all, sounds will be replaced with new ones.

Plans for future versions:

-- New sprites will be made for the NAZI guards.

-- Additional textures will be made to give some more variety.  Things such as NAZI recruiting posters or propaganda may be added.

-- More ceiling textures.