A New Mod For GZDooM and DooM Legacy

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Differences between DeiMWolf and Wolfenstein 3D:

The doors in the game open vertically, rather than sliding to the side as in Wolfenstein.  The reason for this is simply because of DooM’s BSP structure.  Sliding doors could be simulated by using scripting, just as the secret blocks are, but this would be extremely difficult and tiresome for me to do, and would make the doors unable to open for the game’s enemies.  This makes it more trouble than it is worth to do.

Unlike Wolfenstein 3D, dead bodies in DeiMWolf do not jam doors open.  On the contrary.  Due to the way DooM is coded, closing doors will actually crush dead bodies in to a disgusting mess.  You have been warned.

This is an annoying problem.  In Wolfenstein, the NAZIs are not able to shoot each other, but in DeiMWolf they can.  In fact, if one enemy accidentally injures another, the injured enemy will turn around and start attacking  the one who injured him.  This makes perfect sense in the context of DooM, where the enemies are all demons and zombified humans, but is completely wrong in the context of W3D.  Unfortunately, this is hard coded in DooM, and can not be changed.  :-(

There is no points system in DeiMWolf.  Picking up treasure does not increase the player’s score.  Treasure does count towards a treasure ratio displayed at the end of each level, so it is good to pick up treasure anyway, if you want to get a nice fat 100% at the end of the level.

Oil drums in Wolfestein are sprite based, and are used as barriers in the game, because they block off an entire 64 x 64 block on the map.  This is not true of the sector based oil drums in DeiMWolf, which only block off the area of it own sectors.  On some levels, extra barrels have been added where blocking is needed.

Since DooM does not use lives as W3D does, the little extra life sphere from W3D does not appear.  Instead, the DooM soul sphere appears in its place.  A soul sphere does not award the player an extra life.  Instead, it raises the player’s health from whatever it currently is to a full 100%.  It is a good idea not to pick up a soul sphere unless one’s health is really low, or until the level has already been played out.  Otherwise, the power of the soul sphere will simply be wasted.

Wolfenstein’s secret level does not appear in DeiMWolf.  This is because each DooM episode consists of eight normal levels plus one secret level.  In order to accommodate the regular nine levels in the Wolfenstein episode, all of the DooM levels, including the secret level, are used up, leaving no room for Wolfenstein’s secret level.  The secret elevator that normally leads to the secret level is still there, but it only sends the player to the next level.

In Wolfenstein, each of the pick up items has its own sound.  This is not true of DooM.  As a result, the pick ups all use the same sound, a digitized version of the ammo pick up sound from W3D.  I was able to give the treasure items a different sound by using pick ups from Heretic for them.


The layouts of the levels were determined by using a copy of the Wolfenstein editor, Floedit, to observe the original levels.

The werrmacht eagle seen on the paneled walls is based on a scan of a service badge.

The portrait of Hitler on the walls is based on an actual portrait that was sold to the German public during the NAZI era.

The eagle in the alcove is based on a photo of part of a toy set sold during the NAZI era.

The textures for DeiMWolf are based on various photos collected from around the net.

The swastikas that appear on the brick walls are based on a photo of a W.W.II NAZI medal.