A Recreation of Wolfenstein 3D in GZDooM

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Note: This page is currently out of date. To keep abreast of changes since the last release, please consult this thread on the Chex Quest Fan Forums.

Click here to check out the current progress on my full scale MG34 model!

These are some of the things I am working on:

I had been working with stop motion animation on some action figures, but I have now been forced to abandon this approach.  My stop motion animation skills were not up to the task, and the animation I produced was jerky.  Since I was using a borrowed digital camera to make the shots, I was unable to reshoot the animation.  Repainting the animation to fix the jerkiness proved prohibitively difficult and time consuming.

I am now attempting to use 3D human models in DAZ Studio to do the job, but this in itself is also proving difficult.  The program is running painfully slowly on my 1.6 GHz machine, especially once the figure is dressed in his NAZI uniform, which clogs up the scene with vertices.

I am having a good deal of success with the guard dog.  I have been working on it by using DAZ Studio, and DAZís millennium dog with the German shepherd morph applied to it.  The pack I bought did not include a German shepherd texture for the model.  I ended up making my own.  The results were pretty good however.

(Actual GZDooM sprites.)

The 12 frame walk cycle I had created for the guard dog was a little bit off, and so to prove just how stupid I am, I decided to give the dog a 16 frame walk cycle.  Thatís 128 sprites for this movement alone!

The hook up frame of the walk cycle is off a little.  The dogís left forepaw sticks, creating a small jerk.  If this had been hand drawn animation, I could probably fix it in just a couple of minutes, but the work involved in fixing the animation in DAZ Studio, rerendering, and rebuilding the sprites may mean the odd movement of the forepaw may have to stay.

As of January of 2006, I have decided switch to GZDooM as the main source port for the development of DeiMWolf.  The reason for this switch is the fact that GZDooM not only supports DooM Legacyís 3D sectors, but also supports ZDooMís high resolution textures and high resolution sprites, resulting in a massive increase in quality.

The version of the chalice on the left is at normal DooM resolution.  Even with the use of DeiM metrics, it is rather crude and indistinct.  The version on the right is roughly five times the resolution, using  scaling in GZDooM to display it at the same size as the low res version.   This makes for a massive improvement in the look of the object in the game.   I will be forced to compromise when it comes to the enemy sprites however, in order to keep the file size of the WAD as small as possible.  For the enemy sprites, I will only use double the normal DooM resolution.

How far will I go  make a good mod?

Well, for the first person view of the weapons in the game, I have decided to use photos of prop weapons instead of models.

Check these out.  These are real Mauser 98k bayonets from WWII that I purchased in order to make new first person view sprites for DeiMWolf (Too long to fit fully on the scanner.  Sorry.).  In addition to these, I also purchased full sized models of an Erma MP40, and a real MG34 ammo drum.  I have also obtained a prop Walther P-38.  It is an exquisitely detailed model.  Considering the fact I was desperate enough to seriously consider using a Megatron (the transformers enemy leader who turns into a P-38) toy as a prop, this was quite an exciting find.

Unfortunately, the vacuuformed MG34 replica, supposedly vacuuformed around a real MG34, turned out to be complete garbage.  It probably the worst vacuuformed item I have ever seen.  This is not to say that vacuuforming is not a good method of making things.  It is just that this was an extremely bad vacuuforming job.

This has proven to be a major holdup for the project.  As of June 2006, I have decided to get things moving again by building my own full sized MG34 model from scratch.  Click here to check out the progress on the MG34 model.

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