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Saturday November 22, 2003
—Entry by Mark Quinn, a.k.a. Boingo the Clown.

T.P.D. version 0.01 is finally available for download.

I must apologize for the delay of over two weeks in uploading it.  Although version 0.01 has be ready since November 5, I have been too distracted by other things, including work on the models for T.P.D.'s new monsters (pics coming soon!), to get the readme file done.  Sorry about that.

So this is your chance to get a good laugh at our expense.  This version is extremely crude, but, as they say, you've got to start somewhere.

Tuesday November 4, 2003
—Entry by Mark Quinn, a.k.a. Boingo the Clown.

It has been a little over three months since work on T.P.D. began, and the first stage of this project is nearing completion.

Version 0.01 of T.P.D. is what one could call a pre alpha.  It is not going to look good by any stretch of the imagination.  It is merely a collection of place keeper entries that have been put together in order to create a complete IWAD.  The place keepers are not intended to make it into the final version of T.P.D..  They are merely proxies for entries that have not yet been created.  The entire purpose of each place keeper is to eventually be rejected.

So version 0.01, when ready, will be extremely lousy, and will seem to contradict the project goal of creating a professional quality IWAD, but this is not true.  Version 0.01 is simply a starting point—a framework on which the final IWAD will eventually be built.

For more information on what to expect from version 0.01, please consult the Work So Far page.

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